Welcome to South Cumberland State Park
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Multiple campsites and dates? If you are planning a multiple-night itinerary with changing campsites over consecutive nights, start by selecting the arrival and departure dates of your first campsite stay. You will be able to add more dates and campsites to create a custom itinerary.

Also available at this park:   Picnic Shelter Reservations


2019 Firewood Policy

Help us protect Tennessee's state parks and forests.

Only Certified Heat Treated Firewood is allowed to enter the state park.

Visit protectTNforests.org for more information on invasive forest pests.

You may also go to firewoodscout.org to locate a vendor that sells Certified Heat Treated Firewood.

Online discounts available:

As you make your camping reservation, please review the policies and campground rules. Seniors, Veterans and Tennessee State Employees may apply discounts to reservations made online for select campsites. Please note that proper identification for applied discounts will be required upon check-in at the park.

From everyone here at South Cumberland State Park, we look forward to welcoming you and hope that you enjoy your time in the park.

With miles of hiking trails, and plenty of distance between campgrounds, this park is popular with "hike & camp" visitors. One of the best ways to explore this vast park is by staying in a variety of campsites and hiking, biking or driving between them during your stay.

You can reserve a complete hike/camp itinerary with different campsites over up to 14 consecutive camping nights (28 nights November to March) with one reservation.

Multi-Night Camping in Different Locations:

Multiple-night itineraries staying in different locations in the park, are limited by the number of sites selected in the first date segment in a reservation. Only the sites selected in the first segment incur a $5 reservation fee. Additional sites, regardless of the number of campsites and nights selected, will not incur additional fees.

Camping in One Location:

You can select up to 5 campsites for up to 14 nights (28 nights November to March). A $5 reservation fee is charged for each site selected.